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Julia Harris - Branching Out to New Communities

by Julia Harris |

Branching out to communities in the midlands. This lovely magazine publishes a regular piece on Wales with this issue focussing on artists in Wales.
Check Out ISSUE 477 - Page 28
Julia Harris is an artist and illustrator living in Mid Wales. Julia has been painting and drawing since the time she could hold a paint brush. Julia has developed a range of skills and presents her art using multiple mediums including watercolour, acrylic, oils and pastels.
Julia comments “The way I paint is from inside me. It’s not some mechanical action learned or mimicked; my work is a portrayal of my happy, sad, joyous and turbulent feelings. My passion for painting is demonstrated through my approach to my work. My work has been described as energetic, vibrant, theatrical and romantic.  Certainly, I feel that it expresses the essential me”.
“I want people not only to look at my work; I want them to feel it, both with their eyes and their hearts. I want to create an emotion inside them, because to create something that stirs feeling inside the onlooker is a great achievement”.
Julia has a solo exhibition in July 2017 at Aberglasney Gardens, near Carmarthen. If you would like an invitation to the private view on Wednesday 12th July 2017, please email
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